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If I asked you, “Maya, what are three words that describe you as a person,” you could give me personality traits, like “I think I’m hard-working, I think I’m kind,” or whatever. But for a lot of people, if you ask them, “Give me three things about what you’re like sexually,” they won’t be able to answer the question—not because they don’t know themselves, but because they haven’t practiced having that vocabulary: “I’m a person with a really high libido; I’m a person who has a very responsive sexual desire; I consider myself kinky; I consider myself vanilla.”
— AYO Magazine, "Health Educator Haylin Belay Wants You to Be Okay With Sex"
Of course, even with witchcraft becoming increasingly common, there are still many who are skeptical of witchcraft. Belay’s take? “A lot of times, on dates, I’ll get questions from guys being like, ‘Oh, witchcraft– are you really into that? Is it “for real“?’ The place I always go with that is: it really doesn’t matter if it’s real. It really does not matter if it’s literally, actually True with a capital T. As an anthropologist, a huge part of what I unlearned in my years of studying was the idea that there is some kind of singular, objective truth. What there is is lived experience, there’s material conditions, and there’s also this very hard to define and pin down subjective experience of the world. In my subjective experience of the world, witchcraft is useful, it’s helpful to me, and it actively contributes to my quality of life. I’ve long since given up any attachment to the idea of ‘real’ or ‘true’ or ‘authentic’.”
— Garden Collage, "Haylin Belay on Practicing Witchcraft in NYC"

After graduation, Haylin hopes to continue writing and educating people. She’s been applying to editorial positions at publications with a health beat; her dream job is “being paid to talk about sex.” So she’s not worried about her sex column popping up in her search results—in fact, she says it’s a representation of her values. “As someone who’s experienced a lot of slut-shaming and negative attention about sex, I think at a certain point I hit a nadir and said, ‘Okay, I’m choosing not to let this affect me anymore.’ As long as everyone’s being healthy and making smart choices and everything’s consensual, then sex should not be something that anyone’s ashamed of.”
— Blue & White Magazine, "Campus Character: Haylin Belay"


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Profile: Blue & White Magazine, "Campus Character: Haylin Belay"

Quoted in...
iHeartRadio, "2018 Psychic Predictions: Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Britney Spears, & More", "JAM Empowers Middle and High School Students through Sex-Ed"
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Sex Down South 2019 “Sex-Positive Yoga”; “How To Have Good Sex: Talking to Youth About Pleasure”

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2018 [Panel] "Beyond Consent: Power, Pleasure, Profit"

Black Girl Project Sisterhood Summit 2018 "The Sacrament of Yes: Creating a Positive Consent Culture"

[Keynote] Northwest Magic Conference 2018 "What Feels Right: Intuition & Pleasure In Magical Practice"
[Workshop] "Mind, Body, & Spirit: Bodywork for Healing Intuition"

Civil Liberties and Public Policy 2018 [Panel] "Power, Pleasure, Profit: Radical Visions of Consent"

National Sex Ed Conference 2017 "Creating, Maintaining, and Repairing Safe Spaces"

SisterSong 2017 [Plenary Panel] "Power, Pleasure, Profit: Radical Visions of Consent"

Columbia University Scholars Program Symposium 2014 "Alcohol use and risky sexual behavior among young adults living in Nantes, France"

BACCHUS Initiative General Assemblies 2012/2013/2014, Regional Assembly 2013/2014, IvyAlcohol Symposium 2014 "Responsible Communities @ Columbia: Peer Education Models for Alcohol Education"

Private workshops, education consulting, and professional development for NY Interschool ; Hallways ; The Doula Project ; Terrace Club (Princeton University) ; Girls Inc of NYC ; SHAG (sensitive content) ; Ali Forney Center.