my feminism involves witchcraft

my feminism involves witchcraft, or femiwitch, was originally designed as a newsletter for magical thinkers. every installment contains one spell or ritual alongside brief musings on resilience, self-care, and social justice. designed for novice and aspiring witches, each issue offers simple instructions and resources for young urban witches seeking to explore their feminism and their witchcraft. 

femiwitch has now expanded to include one-on-one tarot readings, group and private energetic yoga classes, breathwork and meditation workshops, and more. scroll down this page for more information on upcoming events and booking a private session, or click one of the buttons below to keep a little magic in your feed/inbox.

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What is Embodied Tarot?

Tarot is a form of divination that doesn't require a psychic connection to a world beyond. By tapping into your own inner awareness, you can gain clarity and understanding in your life through the 78 archetypal images of the deck. For the month of October, Tarot reader and holistic healer Haylin Belay will be in residence at Earth Arts Center teaching the art of Tarot and offering donation-based Tarot/bodywork sessions to help you connect with the divinity within.

Embodied Tarot 101 is a workshop series using visualization, breathwork, and storytelling to explore the philosophy and subtle energy of the Tarot. These five 90-minute sessions (7pm-8:30pm) will help you build a personal relationship with your deck and allow you to build and interpret your own intuitive spreads. Perfectly suited for the individual seeker or aspiring reader, classes can be completed a la carte, or you can register for the full series for a discounted price. Please bring your own deck; limited decks will be available for purchase.

Can't make it to class? Haylin will also hold open office hours at the conclusion of each workshop, offering sliding scale readings and one-on-one Tarot/bodywork sessions from 8:30pm-10pm.

10/1: Fundamentals of Tarot
10/8: Cups & Wands
10/15: Swords & Pentacles
10/22: Major Arcana
10/30: Intuitive Spreads


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Sex, magic, yoga, justice. Are you planning an event or social gathering at the intersection of any of these topics? My Feminism Involves Witchcraft, aka Femiwitch, is a project by Haylin Belay seeking to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the mundane. With over a decade of experience teaching in diverse classroom environments, I specialize in creating safe spaces for intimacy, vulnerability, and spiritual growth. Whether you represent a brand, a non-profit organization, or are looking for a unique entertainer for a birthday event or office party, I'm happy to adapt my expertise to your needs. I am currently offering the workshops below for private and semi-private events. For one-on-one bookings, please visit my appointment calendar; for information on public classes, please visit my events calendar.

- Intuitive Tarot Readings
I've thrown cards at birthday parties, office mixers, speed dating events, wellness retreats, fundraisers, and more. To book me for an event, please use the form below; to book me for a one-on-one reading, please visit my appointment calendar.

- Tarot Coaching
Do you have a deck of Tarot cards and no idea how to use it? Are you a reader looking to deepen your relationship to the cards? Using somatic meditation and intuitive Tarot reading techniques, you will build a stronger connection to your cards and readings. To book me for a group class or semi-private, please use the form below; to book me for a one-on-one coaching session, please  visit my appointment calendar.

- Meditation for Witches
Meditation is so more than sitting on a pillow and trying to think about nothing. This introductory workshop teaches the basic styles of meditation with additional tips on incorporating crystals, herbs, and other magical accessories into a meditation practice.  Best suited for: Aspiring or experienced witches/neopagans of all ages

- Sacred Consent, Healing Touch
Many of us learn what consent is through violation. What would it mean to build a positive culture of consent, caretaking, and intimacy? Using years of experience in sex education classrooms and building from my personal healing practice, this workshop is designed to create a safe space for healing and joy. Includes optional exercises in healing touch, but can also be offered touch-free. Best suited for: Witches and skeptics of all ages

- Mind, Body, & Spirit: Bodywork for Healing Intuition
Exploring scientific and esoteric theories of body and mind can help us better understand how intuition, pleasure, and magic are embodied in our physiology. This workshop provides an introduction to breathwork, bodywork, and self-care exercises for better understanding and experiencing our natural intuition. Best suited for: Aspiring or experienced witches/neopagans of all ages

- Energetic Yoga 101
Tarot shows us energy in images; yoga shows us energy in shapes. In this workshop, groups of 2-10 people will receive individual Tarot readings and participate in a highly personalized yoga flow designed to energetically align them with the results of their reading. To book a private event, use the form below; to book a one-on-one appointment, please visit my appointment calendar; to see upcoming public classes, please visit my events calendar.  Best suited for: Witches and yogis of all experience levels, including first-timers

- Custom Workshops
Looking for something you don't see listed here? I can craft custom workshops based on your needs and interests. Topics of expertise include somatic meditation, intuitive Tarot reading, bodywork/breathwork, yoga practice and philosophy, sex magic, social justice, and more.

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