yoga with haylin

I am a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor offering beginner-friendly meditation, guided visualization,
gentle flow, and mind-body-spirit healing. My teaching style emphasizes svadhyaya, or self-study, inviting students
to develop their interoception through an experience of deep body awareness, inner exploration, and meditative flow.


Perfect for a fundraiser, birthday party, self-care day, or corporate team-building activity. A 3-20 person class which can be personalized around a theme, intention, or goal. I can come to you, or, for a small fee, provide studio space for your event in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens.


Looking to deepen an existing practice or start a new one? Working with injuries or a super busy schedule? If getting to a studio is a challenge, or you simply want a more individualized experience, private sessions in-home or in a rented studio space may be right for you. Package pricing available.

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