Sex Ed for adults

The comprehensive, queer-inclusive sex ed you didn’t get in high school.

april 27 at earth arts center

2pm | Anatomy of Pleasure with Haylin Belay

Sexual pleasure is about so much more than penises, vaginas, G-spots, and prostates. Come and learn about the frenulum, the Skene’s glands, and other anatomical parts that help people of all genders and orientations experience pleasure! We’ll talk about the physiology of squirting, reducing sexual pain, multiple orgasms for people with penises, and how the clitoris is much, much bigger than you think.

4pm | All About Consent with Haylin Belay

What does the word "consent" actually mean? This workshop will demystify the history of this often misunderstood term, plus offer practical tips for practicing healthy sexual communication and enforcing sexual boundaries. Let's explore what it means to create a consent culture, starting with our own loved ones and communities.

may 4 at earth arts center

2pm | Gender & Sexuality with Desiree Caro

If you leave it up to current society, there are only 2 boxes for us to fit into when it comes to gender & sexuality. Luckily, we don't have to leave it up to them! Join us for an afternoon of breaking down binaries and reimagining identity. Learn the difference between gender and sex, gender expression & gender perception, and whether there is any connection between gender and sexuality. Walk away with new language to help us reclaim our identities & become better allies to those beyond the boxes.

4pm | Sexual Health Trivia with Haylin Belay

Are cold sores really herpes? How does hormonal birth control work? What is Trichomoniasis (and how the hell do you pronounce it)? Whether you’re a certified sexpert or clueless in the condom aisle, you’ll learn something new - and take home a prize - at this trivia night. Everyone will walk away with something, but one lucky team will take home the grand prize. Could it be you?

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future topics

Sex & Race
Sex Toys 101
Nonsexual Intimacy
Healthy Relationships
Choosing Contraception
Ethical Porn Consumption

Menstrual Health
Demystifying Abortion
All About Fertility
Kink & Safe Exploration
How to Talk About Sex
Yoga for Survivors

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