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With over a decade of experience developing and facilitating award-winning social-emotional wellness programming for teens and adults, I bring an intersectional, sex-positive, and trauma-responsive perspective to my health education and professional development work with youth and adults.

My mission is to support all people—of all backgrounds—in living their healthiest and most pleasurable lives.

This mission has taken me to K-12 public and private schools, college campuses, health promotion programs, nonprofits and community-based organizations, national conferences and more, delivering workshops to youth and adults on a variety of health and justice topics.

In addition to workshops and keynotes, I offer curriculum consultation and employee trainings for schools, nonprofits, and activists, and act as a sensitivity reader for training documents and SOPs.

Areas of Expertise

For ages 12+

  • Anxiety, depression, and social-emotional well-being

  • Consent & communication

  • Sexual health topics (STIs, pregnancy, anatomy, etc)

  • Healthy relationships

  • Porn literacy & sexting

  • Self-care, self-love, & coping skills

  • Empathy & conflict resolution

  • Social justice and systems of oppression

  • Sexuality & gender identity

  • Meditation & mindfulness

For adults, educators & facilitators

  • Trauma-responsive facilitation skills

  • Intersectional approaches to sex education programming

  • Facilitation skills for challenging topic areas (ie consent, abortion)

  • Intersectionality/social justice in the classroom

  • Self-care for educators & activists

  • Trans- and queer-inclusive language

  • Using yoga in the classroom

  • Sex-positive parenting

  • Supporting students in crisis / survivors of trauma

  • Mental Health First Aid

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in the press


TV Interview: Sex. Right. Now., "Ladies of Sex Tech" [trailer]
Interview: Cosmopolitan, “The Sex Ed Crisis” [“Virginity-Focused Sex Ed Shames Victims”]


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The Tempest,Black people can't get depression and other mental health myths”

Profiled by…
Profile: AYO Magazine, "Health Educator Haylin Belay Wants You to Be Okay With Sex"
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speaking credits

Access Matters Leading the Way Conference 2018 [Panel] “Beyond the Yes Means Yes Consent Model”

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2018 [Panel] "Beyond Consent: Power, Pleasure, Profit"

Black Girl Project Sisterhood Summit 2018 "The Sacrament of Yes: Creating a Positive Consent Culture"

Civil Liberties and Public Policy 2018 [Panel] "Power, Pleasure, Profit: Radical Visions of Consent"

National Sex Ed Conference 2017 "Creating, Maintaining, and Repairing Safe Spaces"

SisterSong 2017 [Plenary Panel] "Power, Pleasure, Profit: Radical Visions of Consent"

Columbia University Scholars Program Symposium 2014 "Alcohol use and risky sexual behavior among young adults living in Nantes, France"

BACCHUS Initiative General Assemblies 2012/2013/2014, Regional Assembly 2013/2014, IvyAlcohol Symposium 2014 "Responsible Communities @ Columbia: Peer Education Models for Alcohol Education"

Private workshops, education consulting, and professional development for NY Interschool ; The Doula Project ; Terrace Club (Princeton University) ; SHAG (sensitive content).

digital workbooks