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My online workshops use meditation, ritual, and storytelling to explore the philosophy and subtle energy of the Tarot from a social-emotional lens. My style of reading emphasizes self-study, personal power, and holistic approaches to healing, and I would love to share it with you.

Please note that all workshops are live, online events. Classes are capped at 20 students per cohort to ensure a quality learning experience and individual attention.


Mental Health & the Tarot april 14 3pm-5pm EST

This presentation will cover the major energetic themes in the Tarot that can serve as useful reminders and metaphors for coping with and understanding anxiety, depression, and trauma recovery. Suitable for solitary and professional readers, as well as mental health professionals, this course will cover strategies for supporting emotional well-being using the iconography of the Tarot as a guide and tool. Topics covered will include:

- Individual cards as metaphor for mental/emotional health patterns like codependency and trauma
- How anxiety- and depression-related symptoms are reflected in spreads
- Using the four elements to guide self-care and symptom management
- Tips for self-readings/reading for others during times of emotional distress

This class is suitable for beginner Tarot readers as well as experienced readers looking to deepen or enhance their current practice. Please note that while many cards will be explored in detail, this is not a "learn to read Tarot" course. This class is sometimes offered live at Catland Books; please contact info@catlandbooks for more information on upcoming dates.

$35 / enroll now

The Business of Tarot april 28 3pm-4:30pm EST

This workshop is for aspiring or beginner professional Tarot readers to learn the fundamentals of pricing, marketing, and ethics for their Tarot business. Participants will learn tips for identifying leads and building a personal brand, and will leave the workshop with a one page business plan for establishing a flexible, rewarding side hustle. We will explore the difference between reading for self and reading for others; types of Tarot clients and how to best meet their needs; the pros and cons of long distance reading; and how to find clients when you’re just getting started.

Whether you’re an aspiring reader or an early-career professional, this workshop will leave you with concrete next steps for deepening your Tarot practice and growing your audience.

$35 / enroll now


What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is a deck of roughly 78 images, each containing iconography that reflects some aspect of human experience. The cards themselves are not magical - hence the existence of numerous iterations of the deck - and originated as a parlor game. Contemporary Tarot readers use this tool for cartomancy, fortune-telling, self-exploration, mediumship, storytelling, and other spiritual and mundane practices.

What is intuitive Tarot?

Intuitive Tarot is an umbrella term capturing non-dogmatic approaches to the use and interpretation of Tarot cards. As the name suggests, this style of reading heavily emphasizes the personal intuition of the reader/seeker/querent (depending on specific approach) over prescribed interpretations. My personal style of Tarot reading emphasizes social-emotional development, introspection, personal narrative, and self-empowerment. You can hear Haylin give a reading on the “Dearest Y’all, We Have Some News” episode of podcast Another Round.

What if I don’t know anything about Tarot?

A device with internet access is required. Supplemental Workshops cover specific topics and theories related to Tarot, but are not instructional classes on interpreting Tarot cards or spreads. Classes are taught at a beginner-friendly level and assume no expertise in the Tarot. True beginners may want to begin with The Fundamentals of Tarot workshop before exploring supplemental topics.

Do you offer live classes?

Yes! Many of my Tarot workshops are offered live at Catland Books in Bushwick, Brooklyn; contact to inquire about upcoming dates. I also teach in various locations in NYC and occasionally travel to other cities. I post my event calendar regularly on Instagram and you can also inquire by email at

Where can I get updates about upcoming workshops, discount codes, and other offerings?

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