burnable blends

Made in small batches and blended with care, these burnable blends can be burned as incense, used in the bath, or enjoyed as a non-addictive tobacco alternative.

Abundance: Calls in money and confidence, soothes scarcity mindset. Chamomile, marigold, jasmine.

Anti-F**kboy: Draws out emotional poisons, compels lovers to act right, and strengthens boundaries. Nettle, blackberry leaf, lemon balm.

Aphrodisia: Attracts passion, incites desire, makes love more sweet. Damiana, red raspberry, lobelia, rose.

Sweet Dreams: Combats insomnia, anxiety, and nightmares to encourage restful slumber. Mugwort, hops, skullcap, lavender.

Throat Chakra: Clarifies communication, inspires creativity. Muellin, peppermint, rosemary.

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Suggested use

For herbal incense, light charcoal on a heat-safe burner or censer and add herbs one pinch at a time.
For smoking blend, roughly grind or crush herbs and enjoy in a pipe or rolled cigarette.
For bath, steep 3-4 tbsp in boiling water and strain. Pour the resulting tea over the body in the shower or bath. Alternatively, add herbs to satchet and soak in bathtub.


Those who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should exercise special care when ingesting (smoking, eating, or drinking) herbs as some herbs are known to affect pregnancy. Some herbs can also have negative interactions with psychiatric medications. While herbs can be a non-addictive alternative to tobacco, this is not a health product.