Private Tarot Readings

many of my tarot clients consider themselves skeptics... and some days, i do, too. but after years of personal practice, the cards have reliably provided insight and guidance on topics both energetic and mundane - and as i am fond of saying, it doesn't matter if it's real, as long as it's true. my reading style is based firmly in the intuition and personal power of the seeker, demystifying the tarot for first-timers, skeptical seekers, and beginner readers. 

unlike other professional tarot readers, i work less as a medium, psychic, or spiritual channel, and more as a "tarot doula"; my primary role is to hold space and provide insight into the your individual exploration of your personal power. my practice checks and challenges the dogmatic, racist, gender essentialist, and hierarchical barriers to entry that have historically made the craft intimidating or unappealing to potential practitioners. i would be honored to hold space with you; come and walk with me.