Do you need personal guidance, advice, or consultation on a topic related to sexual health or pleasure? Not all questions can be easily answered in a text message. For inquiries that go beyond the scope of the Asking for a Friend text advice line, I offer one-on-one and couples coaching via phone and Skype. Just like my workshops, my coaching style is informed by an intersectional, queer-inclusive, sex-positive, harm reduction framework, and is suitable for teens and adults.

What I Do

- "Am I normal?" In over 8 years of sex education, this is the #1 question that students, clients, and customers ask. If you have questions about your anatomy, orgasms, desire, kinks, fetishes, relationship preferences, or fantasies, I'm happy to talk you through your questions and concerns, point you to relevant resources, and help you set goals as needed.

- Monogamy and ethical non-monogamy.  More and more people are exploring alternative relationship dynamics, and with all that uncharted territory comes a lot of confusion. I offer coaching to both couples and individuals, as well as small poly clusters, to walk through the decision-making process that makes sense for you and your partner(s), For poly families larger than 3 people, please book a custom workshop.

- Safer sex practices and contraception. Did your sex ed classes leave you with more questions than answers? I can help explain the ins and outs of anatomy, contraception, protection, and reproductive health, including pregnancy, abortion, and miscarriage. Please note that while I can provide medically accurate information, I cannot provide medical advice and am not a medical professional.

- Sex toy shopper. You can buy sex toys on Amazon... but should you?  (Probably not.) Let me use my years of experience in sex toy retail to guide you to the products you need, made by brands you can trust. For an additional fee, I will accompany you to a reputable sex toy retailer and walk you through a friendly and non-invasive shopping experience.

What I Don't Do

- Medical advice, diagnosis, or prescription.

- Mental health, trauma, or marital/couples counseling.

- Sexual services. I reserve the right to end a coaching session if I have reason to believe a client is seeking sexual gratification.

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